Pastors Ray & Susan Kelley

Associate Pastors

Eclectic Church is blessed and honored to have Pastors Ray & Susan Kelley, the founders of Daytona Outreach Center, as Associate Pastors.
The Daytona Outreach Center is a hands-on ministry with the purpose of helping men be restored. They guide them towards reclaiming their lives that have been stolen by years of unfortunate circumstances and bad choices. Upon acceptance into their program, they welcome these men into their home to live, work and grow. As part of their recovery they also help to run the DOC Thrift Store which helps finance their program, healing, and growth. All of this gives them the opportunity to overcome life’s hurts and learn new skills in a safe and protected environment.

Pastors Ray and Susan are people who believe that God is able, the Bible is true and they are trying their best to walk it out each day. They believe that loving people where they are at can make not only changes in their lives, but the world around them. At Eclectic Church our belief is that Jesus takes people where they are at and He brings them where He wants them to be. This is a great partnership in ministry. Two separate ministries coming together to reach a community, city, and world.

They are also the pastors and visionaries for “The Meeting Place” which gathers every Friday night at 6:30 PM, in one of our buildings

You can learn more about DOC at